I’ve decided to create a blog as I use many other people’s blogs, twitters and websites in my day to day teaching career that I thought I could maybe put something back, sharing with people some of the ideas, websites, resources etc that I use in class now and that I have use. I am aiming to post links to websites, some resources in pdf format and maybe some pictures of things which seemed to go well.

To introduce myself (should this go in a separate profile section?) I am a primary school teacher who has taught for 16 years. I enjoy teaching all aspects of the curriuclum but particularly enjoy teaching maths and ICT. I trained at Uni specialising in music but I don’t appear to use much of that nowadays although listening to music of all kinds remains a love of my life.

In my postings I am not aiming to claim anything as my own unless clearly marked as such, and if I link to an article of yours or a website of yours without giving full credit please let me know.

I hope people find this as useful as some of the teaching websites I use on a daily basis.




~ by robertdrummond on December 9, 2009.

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