I always try to have active grammar lessons. I dislike grammar ‘by the book’ as this seems to demotivate children and lead to a situation where a grammar point is grasped in the grammar sessions and then instantly forgotten about.  I try hard to have a range of active grammar lessons as this seems to help the children pick up the idea of the lesson and,more importantly, remember it for the rest of their writing lessons.

I find the Grammar for Writing book has lots of great activities in it and this is freely available to download from the DCSF website.

Another published resource I find useful are these books from Scholastic. These are out of print now but can be tracked down from online shops. Don’t be out off by the ‘Photocopiables’ tag, they have lots of active learning ideas in them.

A good literacy website is This has a lot of activities on there, some totally free and some which you have to register for (but are still free). I think there’s a few resources on there you have to pay for too!


~ by robertdrummond on December 20, 2009.

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